Submitting a Contribution

Paper Chained is always open for contributions

Paper Chained is currently produced annually, though we would like to move to bi-annual editions if we get enough contributions. Our next issue, Issue six, will be released in July 2022, if we have received enough contributions by that date.

You can find our contact details here.

Who can contribute?

We welcome contributions from prisoners, ex-prisoners and family members of prisoners. Writings by people supportive of prison reform will also be considered. Please indicate which category you fall into when submitting to us.

What can be submitted?

Contributions can be writings in any style, including but not limited to poetry, short stories and personal narratives. We also welcome artwork such as drawings. We ask that text does not exceed 1,500 words per contribution.

Contributions may be anonymous.

If you are currently in prison and would like to receive a posted copy of the journal, please provide us with your MIN/ID number, return address and your earliest possible release date. Those released from prison may access the journal online via our account at Issuu.

Terms of publication

Handwritten contributions will be typed unless the author requests to have a scan of the original text presented in the journal. Contributions will be edited in regards to spelling and grammar unless the author specifies NO EDITS on their entry. We will then type the piece exactly as presented to us.

Copyright for art and writing is retained by the contributor. Contributors are free to have any of their work that is published in Paper Chained republished elsewhere at a later date. However, please advise Paper Chained if submitted contributions have previously been published elsewhere.

Please be aware that due to limited printing space and other logistical concerns, contributions received may not necessarily appear in the next issue of Paper Chained, and may be held on file for subsequent issues.

We will not publish any contributions that directly or indirectly contain: racism, sexism, transphobia, nationalism, xenophobia, ableism, evangelism or any other form of oppressive language.